Daily Punch 9-20-12

I’ve been tooling around with ideas in my head about what to call these things, and from now on, daily posts are called the “The Daily Punch” and my Monday dumps will be called “The Weekly Combo”.  I might start doing some small things throughout the week, and I’ve got some ideas about that.

So for the first Punch, let’s look at the Drow and what I saw last night.  How about using feats in 4e to replace some powers with others, a la channel divinity?

Clinging Darkness-Feat-Required a arcane or divine power source-In stead of your cloud of darkness, you may instead use the Clinging Darkness power

Clinging Darkness

Darkness clings to your enemy and prevents them from seeing you while allowing you and your allies to move in for the kill.

Encounter;  Arcane or Divine; implement

Minor Action

Target: One creature in burst 1

Highest ability vs. REF

Hit: target is blinded (save ends)

Ok gang, thoughts?

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