Monday Combo 10-1-12

Here’s some quick thoughts from my last LFR game:

Guarantee Success: Feat,Change duration of power from save ends to end of your next turn.

Martial Quickness:Feat, pick one martial at-will attack power you know, add effect:shift one at the before or after you make this attack

Powerful Enchantments: Feat, select one attribute for an attack, whenever you hit an enemy with a power that contains this attribute, that enemy takes a -1 penalty to any saves vs effects of that power.  You may take this feat multiple times.  When this feat is taken at different tiers, you make choose the same attribute and the penalty given by this power stacks.


Three quick feats, what do you guys think?

2 thoughts on “Monday Combo 10-1-12

  1. Look nice, however:

    Guarantee Success: There will still be problem for creature that can just cancel the effect (some dragons, for example). Maybe add “and the effect cannot be end in any other way”?

    Martial Quickness: Sound pretty weak for a feat, although I see what you want this to counter (dazed and 1 square away from the enemy, so cannot charge). Why not just have this work with any at-will melee attack a character has? It will benefit more character (hexblade, swordmage) and give some versatility to it.

    Powerful Enchantments: Why limit the attribute? Almost all character will just use one anyway. And what happen when you take this feat multiple times? Just multiple attributed applicable? And -1 (5%) may be a little small for a feat, comparing to other penalty-to-save feats.

    1. For Guarantee Success, I like the idea of not being able to cancel the power. That does make it really worth wile.

      For Martial Quickness, I want to make a bunch of feats that are power source specific. I think each power source does something well and that these feats should build on that. Look for upcoming feats like divine that heals a bit, primal that marks…etc.

      For Powerful Enchantment, I think by epic, if you build a guy who does one thing well and if you take this feat the enemy is at a -3 for only one type of damage. I think it should be limited because if forces a player to focus. I do think I should add that this feat will stack with other penalties to saves.

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