3 thoughts on “daily punch 11-1-12

  1. This spell is too powerful for it’s level. You are effectively giving the spell the benefit of a 1st level spell (Doom, without having the shaken condition) and a 3rd level spell (Ray of Exhaustion). To begin I would make this spell no less than 3rd level. Additionally I would make it melee attack (touch if it was 3rd), just to start balancing it out.

  2. I knew there was a spell more closely resembling the effect than Doom. 1st level spell Ray of Sickening. So yea a level 1 spell plus a level 3 spell for the cost of a 2nd level. A bit too much.

  3. Ok so I stand corrected. As mentioned by my friend it’s a combination of Touch of Fatigue (0 level wizard spell) and Ray of Sickening (1st level). So now that I’ve pulled my head out of my a$& I see that it is in fact a balanced spell. Sorry for my temporary lapse of judgement.

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