Daily Punch 11-6-12

Its time for a metamagic feat that my friend Willy and I thought up together

contingency spell after being targeted by an attack or spell, and after an attack roll is determined, before damage is dealt, or a saving throw is called for, you may cast a spell by raising the spell level by one level for any spell with the range of personal or two for any spell with a range of touch following the example of metamagic feats such as quicken spell or quit spell.


On a separate note, I completely forgot about the Monday Combo.  How about this, I’m cooking up some things for Eberron.  Next week Monday, more DnD Next Eberron!

One thought on “Daily Punch 11-6-12

  1. The action of using this metamagic feat should be an immediate action. Wich means not only that you get to do it out of your turn, but also only one per turn and it uses up your next swift action.

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