We’re BACK!

Hello all,

ThroatPunchGames is back from winter break.  This year will be our biggest year yet and we’re diving deeper into everything!

First, ThroatPunchGames is on twitter!  follow my random thoughts @ThroatPunchG   more on this when I get to my Gaming Resolutions.

Second, the reason your all here.  Today’s gaming Idea for pathfinder!

Aquatic Weapon-Feat-Choose one weapon you are proficient in.  This weapon gains the aquatic keyword.  When you make attacks with it in the water, you take no penalty to attack, but do take any penalty to damage.  Ranged weapons have their attack range doubled for purposes of determine attack penalty ie a bow may fire 10 feet at a -1 penalty.

Now my gaming resolutions for the year:

1)Live tweet all games I am in.  So you can follow what im doing out in the world

2)Attend more conventions!  I want to go to a convention every other month and see how other people play the games I love.

3)Make Jackson MI the RPG gaming capital of Michigan!  Gaming is kind of slow in my new city.  I think in about a year, Ill have this place on fire (one way OR ANOTHER!)

4)Post every weekday.  I’ve got ideas and now you get to hear them!

5)Get an adventure published.  Need to build that portfolio the hard way!

6)Restart the Random RPG Gaming Group (RRGG)!  I want to play a random game at least once every three weeks.  We’re gonna get this going.  I want to have a broad spectrum of places to draw ideas from.


I think that sounds good.  Look for more ideas every day!

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