Daily Punch 1-31-13

I think its time to build everything Ive been working on into a nice package.


Cleric (archetype) Divine Protector

Willing Healer-As per Ultimate Combat p41

Channel Energy-may only channel positive energy as per Ultimate Combat p41

Shield Dependence-A Divine Protector must use a shield engraved with the holy symbol of his deity.  This counts as his holy symbol for spell casting

Combat Protection-A Divine Protector may give his shield bonus to AC to a willing ally within reach as a swift action.  The Divine Protector losses this bonus to AC and the ally gains this bonus untill the start of the Divine Protector’s next turn.  At level 5 and every 5 levels after that the AC bonus from the shield is increased by +1 for the Divine Protector or any ally he uses Combat Protection on.

Bonus Feat-At level 2, the Divine Protector gains Efficient Healing as a bonus feat.  At level 5, the Divine Protector gains Radiant protection as a bonus feat.  At level 8, the Divine Protector gains Divine Guidance as a bonus feat.

Ok gain, here is my first try at an archetype.  Thoughts?

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