Daily Punch 1-23-13

I made a feat before (daily punch 1-18-13  http://wp.me/p2Gk5z-6o)  that added to the range you could fail a check without something really bad happening, here is a different idea.  Before I thought about adding a static +3 to the range , may be a better idea would be to add your ability modifier to the range to reflect your innate ability?

Here is a feat for 4th Edition DnD, Arcanis, DnD Next, and Pathfinder:


Careful climber-feat- instead of failing and falling off a wall if you fail by 5 or more, you fail and fall off a wall if you fail by 5 + your strength modifier.  If you fail by less then that amount, you make no progress that round.


Thoughts?  Is this better then the other idea?

Daily Punch 1-22-13

Saw this when I was playing Pathfinder, I think this might help-

Kip-up-feat, combat-Make an acrobatics check vs DC 20, if you pass you stand up as a free action.  If you fail, you stand up as a swift action.  If you pass the check, you standing up does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

I think this will help people who get knocked down a lot.  Thoughts?

Daily Punch 1-21-13

I had to do this, and I thought my Shadowrun character would have a quicker way.


Redundant system reboot-cost 1/2 of total computer cost-In the event of a computer hacker being detected, the computer will reboot the system, but the redundant backup system will keep all currently running programs running as well as triggering all additional ice programs on the system.  The computer will lose no time during this reboot while the hacker will be ejected from the system as if the computer had been turned off.



Daily Punch 1-18-13

I was thinking about this while fixing my wife’s computer, I think its a nice feat for Pathfinder, 4e, and DnD next.  Maybe even Arcanis…


Four fingered lucky mine defuser-feat-you might not be the most pretty, but you’re lucky!-Add 3 to the range of a missed disable device or equivalent check.  ie the trap will not go off if you miss a disable device check by up to 7 in Pathfinder



Daily Punch 1-17-13

Here is something I thought about while watching the news that applies to as many RPGs as you can think of


Smooth Manipulator-Feat-Whenever you make a social skill check to improve your relationship with another person, you improve your relationship one additional step.



Daily punch 1-16-13

Ideas from my wife for pathfinder
Quite casting-feat-if you are hidden at the start of a spell you may make a stealth check opposed by perception. If you win this check, you cast the spell and remain hidden from all opponents. Anyone affected my the spell is flat footed to its effects.

A nice teamwork on this one!

Daily Punch 1-15-13

We all have friends, maybe they should help us out more….


friendly pressure cost 10 pb  you may ask any contact you have to help you obtain an item that they would normally have assess to.  Have the contact make a connection +  loyalty test.  Reduce the availability of an item by each success.  If it item’s availability is above 8 after this test, you may not buy the item and you lose loyalty with the contact as he/she is unable to obtain the item and experiences some difficulty in obtaining the item.  The availability rating is a general cutoff and different GM’s may change the cutoff based on story considerations.


thoughts gang?