Ring Side Report- MittenCon

Its time for a review of my time at MittenCon!

MittenCon is a annual gaming convention at the Okemos Convention Center in Okemos, MI.  I’ve been to this place a few times as DaveCon also takes place here.

Organization:There really isn’t one…. but that’s on purpose.  The gaming is ~99% table top and the gaming is free form.  People bring their games, set them in piles on tables on the walls and then start gaming.   Not a bad way to do things, but unless you know what going on, you might get lost.  Con organization for dates and such is done via Board Game Geek.

Location:  The Okemos Convention Center is a great place.  Lots a cheap rooms for the gamers and a pretty friendly staff.  Not a ton of food near by, but there are favorites like McDonald’s and Applebee’s.

Games:What you bring is what you get.  Pretty fun.

Price:10 bucks for Saturday.  That’s when I went.

Vendors:  None.  Kind of a bummer.  Always great to see vendors at cons.  Also helps split the load cost-wise for the organizers.

My role in things:  I went to bring a splash of RPG’s to MittenCon. I ran pathfinder society “We be goblins!” and Arcanis intro game.   The pathfinder game was lightly attended, but Arcanis was a full boat.  Since I was running for a gaming store, lets home some more people show up!

Final Verdict: A fun con.  It needs store support, but I’d go again if it didn’t have it.

One thought on “Ring Side Report- MittenCon

  1. You were by me! I didn’t know there was a con going on so close. If it took place a little closer to MSU you would have had plenty of places to eat. Josh and I will have to keep that in mind for next year!

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