Daily Punch 3-14-13

Its been a while since we had a 4e DnD feat, how about something that is applicable to now…


Last Minute-Feat-When you are about to fail a skill challenge, all people with this feat may immediately continue the challenge using the highest DCs for the challenge.  The DM may increase the DC for some skills or rule some are impossible.  You may continue the challenge until each person with this feat fails a check.  If the number of success reaches the success threshold before all members with this feat fail, you may consider the challenge as being successfully completed.



One thought on “Daily Punch 3-14-13

  1. That feat seems really tricky. I both like and dislike it. In the right organized group this could make skill challenges nearly impossible to fail, on the other hand if you just have a group with 1 or 2 of these it could cause some sudden sucesses that wouldn’t have been. I think i would need to test this one before giving much more of an opionion then tgat. It does seem very interesting and creative though, i like it from that angle.

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