Daily Punch 5-21-13

Let’s get this thing caught up shall we?  How about some more DnD Next fun…


Chauntea’s Gift

2nd-Level Abjuration

The goddess’s gift is imbibed by all and the instantly be come as drunk as if they were in her own hall.

Casting Time:1 action

Effect:All living creatures in a 30-foot radius with in 100 feet of my  must make constitution saving throw.  If they fail, the become intoxicated until they make a successful saving throw at the end of their turn.



2 thoughts on “Daily Punch 5-21-13

  1. So far no. I haven’t seen spells that last an amount in DnD Next. As for the save, I was thinking its based on the character physically being drunk so I thought con for the character. However, its a good idea to go CHA or WIS.

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