Daily Punch 6-19-13

I love DnD Next, but I want some more from intelligence…

In 3.5 and Pathfinder, characters received skill points based on their intelligence.  In 4th Edition, this was dropped.  I didn’t like this.  I present a system for start sill training based on the intelligence of the character

Class Base Trained Skills
barbarian 3
Bard 4
Cleric 4
Druid 3
Fighter 3
Monk 2
Wizard 3
Ranger 3
Paladin 4

In the above table, characters receive starting skills based on the base trained skills value plus their intelligence bonus.  Some classes will have fewer skill, but some will have many more.  I think intelligence should matter more as in 4e and the current rendition of DnD Next intelligence has no real barring on the characters outside of the wizard.

I also think the skill training feat should be


Skill Training


You devote your free time to bettering yourself outside of combat

Benefit:Gain training in a number of skills equal to 1 + 1 or half you intelligence bonus rounded up , which ever is higher.



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