Daily Punch 4-5-13

I was playing some DnD Next with some friends, and I’ve had a special request for  an item


Bullwark Shield

A large shield made of heavy steel with a small arrow slit inthe front.  When viewed from above it looks like a large L.  The base is serrated to better dig into the ground

Price: 50gp

AC: +3

Weight: 50lb

Speed: -10 feet/-5 feet at Strength 16

Requires: Strength 13

This “shield” is not so much a shield as a portable wall.  You may use this as shield, but as a free action, you may dig the shield into the ground in front of you.  When you do so, you pick two connected sides.  You now have heavy cover from attacks made from those sides.  You may attack through the arrow slit at now penalty.



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