Ring Side Report-GenCon Day1 or How I spent my Summer Vacation!

Day one of GenCon is always like the opening rush at a food court and the best part of Christmas all crammed together.  It is some of the best and the worst you can experience.  Let’s start with the worst because I want to end on a high note.  Companies are still figuring things out and so are their demo teams.  And, sadly, there is no better way to deal with this as you need the players there to really stress test any idea for play and organization out there.  That makes this like a fast food job as you have a burst of stress that you have to feed of our you will not last long.  If you can, you’re in for a ride.  The best is seeing all your friends, old and new, meeting with industry, and seeing all the shiny, new toys!

I, like many poor, poor, PhD (Poor, Hungry Doctors), can’t afford to just “go”, so I work.  And I work for the best Damn Demo/Gaming team out there Baldman Games!  For this GenCon, I am stationed at the Delve which this year is “Confrontation at Candlekeep.”  Being a lover of the Realms, (If you’re in Jackson, MI, you can find Candlekeep because that my house!) This was a great fit.  Also, its a low level battle interactive, which are my favorite battle interactive.  Just role-playing, monster killing fun.  I ran from 8AM to 10:45PM.  It was a long day, but a fun one.  I meet so met great people ranging from people who may have known the DnD Next rules a bit more then me to a mom and her two small children who never even heard of DnD before.  Always a blast, great group of GMs to work with, and a great person to read/coordinate the event (even if the he never pronounced Asmodeus the same way twice!  One time it was even Amadeus!)


If you get a chance, go to the Wizards of the Coast Both, check it out, play the game, and get some $4 dice man!  Chessex can’t beat that price and it comes with a game!  If you don’t want to wait, go around 8AM or 10PM.  Good luck out there!  More tomorrow!

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