Daily Punch 8/19-8/21/13

I want to bring Shaunte, the worlds sexiest Troll, back to Shadowrun.  And for that…there must be one spell…here we go….


(Realistic, Single-Sense)_________________

Type:M            Range:LOS

Duration:I      Drain: F +1


(Realistic, Single-Sense)_________________

Type:M            Range:LOS(A)

Duration:I      Drain: F +3

This spell causes a living target to have an orgasm.  For every success, the target of the spells initiative score is reduced by 1d6 as they are otherwise occupied.  If a target’s initiative is reduced to below 0, the target collapses and may not react to anything.  If the target has not taken any action to control a vehicle this combat turn, any vehicle controlled by the target goes out of control.  If a targets initiative is negative at the end of a initiative pass because of this spell, not because of subtracting for a new initiative pass, apply that value as a penalty to the targets next combat turn.

Orgasm affects a single target, while Orgy is the area spell.

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