Daily Punch 8-23-13

How about something that is very system non-specific!  I want minions in all my games!  Here are my thoughts for Pathfinder and DnD Next…


4 minions = 1 regular monster in a fight at an appropriate CR

Do NOT change the ability scores of a minion OR its saves.  This is very important!  You want the monsters to be able to dodge attacks as well as their normal counter parts.

Like in 4e DnD, a minion essentially has one HP.  One hit will kill them.

Their damage is 1/8 of the max for any attack.  Find this out in advance.  Why 1/8?  A minion should trouble a PC, but not kill a PC.  Remember, the PCs are the big, damn heroes of the system and they should not die to a random villager/soldier.

A minion will always have mundane equipment and very little if any money, however, if non-mundane equipment bonuses are factored into a normal monster values used for the minion template, do not remove those bonuses from the minion.

Minions do NOT die when a spell effect does damage on a miss.  Minions are either immolated by the fireball or jump aside.

That’s it!  I plan to start using these in my games.  Will you?

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