Ring Side Report-Grand Con Day 2

Having spend the day at the convention hall and night at the hotel, here’s my thoughts…


First event of the day-Narosia https://sites.google.com/a/legendsmiths.com/legendsmiths/ -My wife saw this one and thought, let’s do this!  This game is Hero system, and neither of us have ever played that system.  Its a great system!  It has some of my favorite things: action choice that affects time, speeds for characters that reflect extra actions, randomness that is mitigated by skill.  I loved the game.  Lots of great times here.  As for Narosia itself, its a setting that is designed to harkens back to the old games of yore.  Old school dungeon crawling with a compelling back-story reason for why your doing things.  It was a lot of fun.  The GM for the game was the main game designer, and that is always awesome!  Give this one a look make, some facebook/twitter/G+ friends and keep the pressure on these guys to make their game come out soon!


Next- Smash Up by AEG-I’ve seen this game explode on the convention scene, and I’ve wanted to play this for a while. I got my friend together and joined a group at the con.  The basics of the game are: take two different decks of creatures, smash them together, and play for terrain control leading to points.  First to 15 points wins.  It’s pretty easy mechanics wise and its theme is crazy and fun.  The differences come into play as each creature deck play drastically different.  Think of one deck that might work better if you have no cards in hand and a second deck that works by moving enemy’s around to different areas.  All and all, I wouldn’t turn this game down if it was brought to the table.  However, if you are looking for an eight hour Eurogame experience, this is not the game for you.  You have choice, but your choices are usually pretty limited.  Keep that in mind going in for a much better time.


Aside time with designer!-This is one of the major reasons I go to cons.  I LOVE meeting new game designers and hearing why they did what they did.  Plaid Hat Games is on the scene and they are selling their games at a discount.  They made the City of Remnants game.  I met with the main designer and when his words are “glad you’ve heard of my game, I made this, and we’re selling this at a discount” you get money.  The part of my brain the controls logic and finance shuts down and I just had my money away.  Take note game designers and game companies…..


After dinner, I demoed Sentinels of the Multiverse to my wife and a friend at the con.  This game is a complete co-op game where every person is handed a deck of cards that represents their hero; a villain plays a bad event/cards, the heroes respond with cards/powers, and then the environment does “something” (usually bad).  And this is how the game is played.  I love co-op games that are simple and fun with lots of replay.  Great game even though we were DESTROYED by Citizen Dawn at the Mars Base.  When we talked with some of the demo team about this game, they suggested that Citizen Dawn was the WORST villain to start with, and we should have started with the Baron.


The last game of the night was Castaways by Passport Games. I’m going to be working at this booth today and wanted to try their newest game, so they let me play a demo copy.  It was a bit of a problem setting-up the game because of some English language translation issues.  However, when we got rolling the game is amazing.  The best way to describe this game is a Euro worker placement game combined with a choose your own adventure book.  All players play castaways on an island.  You must work together with some options giving you narrative points.  The narrative points let you win, but if you only focus on points, everybody will lose.  Lots of fun, and I can’t wait to play again.


Well that was day two of Grandcon.  I can’t wait to see you all in the demo hall tomorrow.  Look for me at the Passport Games booth.  Hope to see you there!

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