Daily Punch 9-27-13 Diplomat background in DnD Next

Here is a new background for your DnD Next Characters-the diplomat




You have spent your time working in the middle of two groups in conflict.  You spent your time either on the front of war or in business negotiations.  You serve either for the good of those involved or for your own pocketbook.

trait-Between Two Groups

You are deft at standing between two worlds.  Your work proceeds you, and when you offer your services people know who you are.  When you work as a go between for two groups, you will be payed for your services, and if things do not go well, you will not be targeted by either group unless you attack first



Skills:    Persuasion, Insight, History

Tools: Mounts (land), Vehicles(land)



Three of your choice


Traveler’s Clothes, fine clothing, backpack, ink, ink pen, paper (ten sheets), merchant’s scales, signet ring, sealing wax, 133 gp, 4 sp, 8 cp

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