Ring Side Report- A review of Pathfinder Player Companion: Mythic Origins


Price – ~$13


TL;DR-Great, well-done book, but you have to ask yourself if you will EVER use it- 98.75%


Art-Basic Pathfinder art.  If you like what they’ve put out before, you will like this too.  Well-done, clean, and non-obtrusive. 5/5


Mechanics or “Crunch”-This book is basically a well done splat book.  It adds to your character’s options pretty comprehensively.  Something to note, most of the book focus on divine characters.   There are non-divine options in the back, but much of the front of the book is spent focusing on giving divine options for each major god.  However, if you will not use the Mythic rules, this is not the book for you. 2.5/2.5


Story or “Fluff”-Well done again with an asterisk.  If you want more divine stuff, this is the book.  Learn about your gods and how you came from them.  Great.  If you want to be something non-divine, there is not as much for you.  This is right in the description of the book, so no surprises, but still a little disappointed. 2.25/2.5


Execution- This book has a nice, clean Pathfinder setup that really helps with finding anything as well as deciding if you need this book right from the front of the book.  If you like the previous books like I did, this is well done. 5/5


Book Quality- Again well-done.  Nice glossy paper with good binding and no ink smearing. 5/5


Final Thoughts-This is a good companion book.  My only problem is I will NEVER use this book since I usually play Pathfinder Society which doesn’t use Mythic rules.  I know this going in, so I’m not surprised.  I would want a bit more non-divine fluff/cruch, but all my negative comments are basically small things.  Well done, just make sure you are going to use this book before you buy it!  98.75%


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