Daily Punch 10-8-13 New background for DnD Next-Teamster

How about a nice fantasy background for all those games that start on a caravan?




You’ve been everywhere.  You’ve driven caravans to the frigged north to the scorching south.  Now you’ve been dragged into a different adventure out of your control.


Trait-Stops on the Way

You’ve been to all the towns in your territory, and you know how to find them at least generally.  When you succeed on a nature roll, you can generate a rough map in your mind and find the nerest town you’ve already been too.  Also, in your travels you’ve memorized the best towns to rest at and the best towns to sell goods at.



Skills:Nature, Intimidate, Perception

Tools: Mounts(land), navigator’s tools, crossbow proficiency


Backpack, bedroll, hempen rope (50ft.), navigator’s tolls, tent, tinderbox, traveler’s clothes, waterskin, winter blanket, 35gp, 30sp, and 80cp



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