Ring Side Report- Review of Pathfinder Player Companion-Blood of the Moon

Product– Pathfinder Player Companion- Blood of the Moon

Producer– Paizo

Cost– ~$13

Page Count-32


Summary– This book focuses on the “in-between” creatures called skinwalkers.  These creatures are not quite were-creatures, but are not wholly human either.  This book presents eight separate skinwalker races giving an rundown on where each might come from in the world, the background on their psychology and physiology, as well as a suite of powers and abilities for each one.  In addition the book give ways to become a lycanthrope as well as some gear/items that each were-creature might need or you might need to combat them.


Art/Layout– This is the Pathfinder art we know and love.  It’s well laid out and every skinwalker has a picture to show what they look like when they change.  I thought the art was well done in this one. 5 /5

Story or “Fluff”–  This one is fluff-tastic!  Every skinwalker gets a full, well done rundown and their own section.  You can make an extremely well rounded skinwalker from this book, and that is the sign of an excellent source book.  Also the addition of how true were-creatures interact with the various skinwalker does give some surprising depth to the book.  2.25/2.5


Mechanics or “Crunch”– Each skinwalker gets a great section on its own mechanics and its own traits.  Also there is a large section of skinwalker feats that any skinwalker would want.  In addition, each skinwalker gets an associated class that gets its own powers.    Mind you not every class can have powers/abilities in a 32 page book, but what’s there is done well.  Even better, most of the class powers/abilities/features are not limited to skinwalkers!  2.25/2.5


Execution– This book was well executed.  As a reader, I learned about a whole new sector of society and its background.  It felt natural.  Also, the background filled me in quite well.  Each section is self contained, and nothing in the book feels like it was tacked on.  Even the sections of complete fluff feel like they were needed.  5 /5

Final Thoughts –This is an excellent book.  I enjoyed reading this from cover to cover.  I want to play one of these confused, misunderstood monsters!  And honestly, even if you don’t want to play a were-thing, the extra class options really make this a well done book on its own. 97%


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