Daily Punch 11-27-13 Sure Footed Feat in DnD Next

How about another feat for DnD Next?


Sure Footed

You are a natural at finding the path and avoiding anything that gets in your way

  • Increase your dexterity score by 1, up to 20
  • Double your overland movement speed
  • In combat, you can move normally over 10 feet of naturally difficult terrain.  If the terrain is magically difficult to cross, you can only move naturally over 5 feet of it.


4 thoughts on “Daily Punch 11-27-13 Sure Footed Feat in DnD Next

  1. I like it, but this would make the monk ridiculously fast. There is already a feat that allows a small boost to base speed (Mobile/10 ft.)
    However, monks gain a natural +5 boost at third level due to Step of the Wind. Would this double that additional speed as well (10 ft.), or would the class feature only be added on top of the feat you have created i.e. 70 feet doubled instead of 75 feet additionally?

    1. How about double movement speed until first hostile action of combat (something that damages a creature, not casting invisibility or something to that effect). And then +10 movement speed while in combat? Does not stack with haste. I think the double movement speed could have greatly shortened the number of rounds to reach the yetis in our last gaming session.

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