Daily Punch 12-5-13 Reghed Barbarian Background in DnD Next

How about one more background for DnD Next?


Reghed Barbarian

You have carved a life where most others could not.  You are not a tamed man.  You find no comfort when sleeping indoors.  You are of the North.  You travel for your own reasons.

Trait-Master of your surrounding

You know how to survive.  When in a natural environment you can find enough food to support yourself and your friends.  You know where to find what you need to build simple tools that you need.  You know nothing of how to build complicated machine that the tamed men use.


Skills:Nature, Athletics, Survival

Tools: Climbers’s kit


Adventurer’s kit, climber’s kit, bedroll, blanket, common clothes, fishing tackle, hunting trap,  tent, 105 gp 10s




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