Daily Punch 12-6-13 “Great” or “Holy” Spirit mentor in Shadowrun

I’ve always wanted to play an exorcist in Shadowrun.  I’m Catholic, and I know we’ve got a bad rap in 2075, but we can’t be all bad…can we?  How about a spirit mentor for Roman Catholics who play with magic?


“Great” Spirit

The “Great” Spirit might be the Catholic Holy Ghost or might represent the Great Spirit of Indian folklore.  In either case, this spirit mentor seeks  to help metahumannity survive in the new magical age.  However, this comes with a price-one must follow a code of selflessness.


All:+2 to Assensing checks checks

Magicians: +2 to all checks to banishing checks

Adept: Gain the Astral Perception Power for free


If you act in a way that will harm others who mean no harm to you or allow others to come to harm through inaction, you take a -1 penalty to all dice pools until you atone.  This may require sacrifices or attending a religious service.




One thought on “Daily Punch 12-6-13 “Great” or “Holy” Spirit mentor in Shadowrun

  1. I like the idea but it needs to be expanded upon. Perhaps showing and defending one’s faith could be part of the disadvantages? With perhaps a bonus to Detection (“all-seeing god”) or Health (“all-merciful god”) or health spells.

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