Daily Punch 12-16-13 Sending Spell Kit for DnD Next

Reading “The Advasary”, and the mentioned an item.  I felt its time ti got stats in DnD Next.


Sending Kit

Common Magi Item

Price: 100gp

This is a kit packaged in a simple metal box.  The metal box is simple tin, but designed to prevent the contents from being damaged.  Inside are two glass vials and two slip of paper.  One slip of paper  contains instructions written in common with phonetic pronunciation of magic words written on it.  The second is a magic scroll to power the magical ritual.  The metal box contains a painted diagram of how to mix the vials as well as pictures of how and where to draw the symbols to power the ritual inside the metal container.  The entire item is considered “idiot proof” and designed to be used when the user is in great distress.

This are now considered standard equipment for Harpers operating out of Waterdeep.

Property: This is an extremely simple compartmentalized version of the Sending Spell.  It follows all rules of the sending spell, however, it is designed so any character even those without Arcane/divine spell casting can use this item.


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