Daily Punch 12-20-13 Lucky Coin Item for Pathfinder

I want to try to RPG superstar, what do you guys think about a lucky coin….

Lucky Coin

Aura strong divination CL 10th; Weight 
Slot none; Price 4,000 gp


This just looks like a gold coin.  Maybe you see a strange glint off the coin from time to time, but its normal in every other aspect.  When you hold this coin, three times per day you gain a +1 bonus to any skill check .


Craft Wondrous ItemCost  2,000 gp

Pure Luck Creation

When you finish an extraordinarily hard battle at the end of a major quest (ie. killing a dragon or destroying a lich), you may grab one coin from its hoard or treasure vault.  Then roll 6d10.  If the total of all the dice is 6, the coin is now a Lucky Coin.  Otherwise, this coin is normal.  You may only do this once per battle.



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