Daily Punch 12-24-13 Santa’s Sleigh for Pathfinder

In honor of Christmas, let’s stat up Santa’s Sleigh for Pathfinder!


Santa’s Sleigh

Aura overwhelming transmutationCL 30th; Slot none; Weight 2000 lbs.


This is a simple, large sleigh made of red lacquered wood.  It comfortably sits three regular people or one larger person and a small person.  Behind the seat sits an enormous bag that looks too big to be lifted.


The sleigh grants the power of time stop for as long as the driver desires, but allows the user to freely leave the sleigh and maintain the effect.  The sleigh also allows any normal animal the ability to pull the sleigh conferring the powers of flight and freedom of movement to them and the sleigh.

The bag is a bag of holding that has infinite space with no size restrictions.

Any animals pulling the sleigh are continually affected the the spell hero’s feast as are the driver and any passengers.

Any driver is given the ability to teleport without error to and from the sleigh with a distance of one mile.  The driver is given clairaudience-clairvoiance with a range of 1 mile.

The sleigh is not affected by any antimagic fields.

While the driver has control of the sleigh, he may do no evil act.  If the driver does, the sleigh instantly returns to its creator.

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