Daily Punch 1-9-14 Guarding Character in Numenera

I loved what I saw when I played Numenera,  but I want to play a bodyguard.  How about a verb for that…

Protects Others


You protect others.  This may come from a desire to serve someone who you admire or simple from getting paid.  You’ve spend years perfecting your craft.  You walk into a room and make sure that if things get rough, you, and your charge, may be the only ones who walk out.

Connection: Select at least one other PC.  That character(s) are the ones you are sworn to protect.

Additional Equipment: Gain the Ward esotery or a shield.

Minor Effect Suggestions: You apply your shield to the defense of another after this action

Major effect Suggestions:  You completely obscure another target at immediate distance and they may not be target by any effect.

Tier 1: Defense (2 Speed point)- When a character at immediate distence is attacked, you may reduce the difficulty of that characters defense roll by one, limit once per turn..  Action.

Tier 2: Take one for the Team- You may take half the amount of damages a character at immediate distance.  Only the initial armor is applied to this damage, limit once per turn.. Enabler.

Tier 3: Out of the way! – You may spend your points to decrease the difficulty of other character defense rolls, limit once per turn. Enabler.

Tier 4: Get Down! (3 Speed Points) – When another character is attacked and they are at short distance, you may move up to that character and apply any other effects you choose, limit once per turn.  Action.

Tier 5: Fast Healing- When you restore points, you roll d10’s instead of d6’s. Enabler.

Tier 6:  Scars as armor- When you take damage as part of reducing the damage for another character, apply your Edge to that damage before you reduce your stats. Enabler.

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