Daily Punch 1-22-14 Two quick feats for Pathfinder

I’ve been going through a few of the Pathfinder Player Companions and thought of a few feats I’d like to add-


Finger Trick

You’ve done this so many times before your fingers know how to do their work on their own

Benefit: If you have a weapon that you can modify to a different fighting form, you may do one step quicker.  An example is adding a bayonet to a firearm is usually a move action, but now is a swift action.


Fast Healing

In the midst of combat, the healing prayers are right on your lips.

Prerequisites: Divine spell casting

Benefit: A number to times per day equal to your spell casting statistic’s bonus, you can cast a spell with the healing descriptor as a swift action.  This spell may not be cast from a magical device.

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