Daily Punch 2-7-14 Quick Cast talent in Witch Hunter

I played a wizard today.  It was a lot of fun, but I was the definition of glass canon.  How about we make that a little better.


Quick Cast (Basic)

Description: You may reduce the casting time of a rite by half down to a minimum of 1.  If you do, this increases the mastery of the rite by 3 and may be applied to any rite you know.



6 thoughts on “Daily Punch 2-7-14 Quick Cast talent in Witch Hunter

  1. Found my way here through your ENWorld post.

    I’m not a fan of this tweak. It’s too easy a boost and not in keeping with the genre. I believe the 1st edition of the game had a version of this talent (I think in Blessed and Damned, which is due for a 2nd ed update). A lot of folks thought it made things overpowered, especially as new powers become available. Even then, I believe it was a Greater Talent. I could be wrong there, though.

    That being said, you did see in the rules that, at least with hermetic magi, that rites can be prepared ahead of time right? So this feature is already built in to the game to a large degree. The player just has to be judicious and creative.

    1. Thanks for the input!

      I felt that even with hermetic magi, I didn’t really get to do much in combat. I got one shot off and then I was done if I prepared before combat. When I didn’t prepare for combat, heck it wasn’t worth it at all to even cast. To me, magic is a bit of mixed bag in this game. I’m fine with healing being somewhat rarer, but the combat magic doesn’t seem to be useful at all based on the time commitment necessary to use it. I’ve seen people do much better with just ranged weapons or swords.

      Either case, thanks for the input!

    1. I did, but honestly some of the Hermetic powers can’t be used in combat without preparation. Eldritch blast is almost useless without some time. Heck, the pregen I played main combat ability was that power. However, once she was done with it, she was done for the fight. After that, its two full turns of doing nothing but getting killed. I like the system, but I think a way to get the power out there faster for the expense of a talent, might help things a bit.

      1. Certainly, strain is a limiting factor. As a Hermetic mage, one will have 3-4 prepared objects, and one can suffer damage to hurry spellcasting. Eldrich Blast is only Strain 1.

        You could also fire a pistol during that 1 round of Strain. We do have some Talents for caster’s in our forthcoming magic book.

      2. I didn”t notice the amount of prepared spells you can have! When I read it the first time I missed the last sentence about the education limit. That makes a big difference. I still think Eldritch blast is a bit long, but that makes it a bit more manageable.

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