How I spent my Winter Fantasy 2014

Winter Fantasy is my Con.  It’s the first real RPG Con I ever went to.  This con was the first taste I had of Living Games.  It’s the first Con I went to with a girl (my Girlfriend at the time).  When that girl became my wife, it’s the first Con we went to and is our annual honeymoon.  It’s the Con I get to play game with my wife since I’m usually GM/DM by default.  Basically, Winter Fantasy is a really big deal to me for a lot of reason.

This year, my wife and I went to Winter Fantasy, and we had a blast.  It might have been different than I expected.  But, I had a ton of fun.  I met with all my friend who run games through Baldman Games.  I played a TON of RPGs.  I even got to play some new board games!  Let’s do a day-by-day run down, then I’ll do a summary of what each event meant to me.


I got to play in the 8AM Witch Hunter RPG game.  I love the new Witch Hunter RPG.  Heck, after a weekend of this game, I posted my RPG review here.  (Spoiler, I liked it.)  At Noon, I was off running Witch Hunter for close to my first time.  That went really well.  The day ended with King Gyro and more Witch Hunter at 7PM.  All and all a good day of RPGs.



Saturday kicked off with my wife and I playing Witch Hunter at 8AM.  A good way to start the day!  Lunch was more, tasty King Gyro (WHY DID I NOT DISCOVER THIS TILL NOW!).  I took a break from games as to much Gyro makes you sleepy.  I woke up, and my wife and I tried J. K. O’Donnelld’s.  This place is AMAZING!  I like beer and whiskey, but I’ve never know what’s good.  This place has flights of Irish beer and whiskey.  That is great, and combined with authentic Irish food full on amazing.  Full of beer and good liquor, we returned to the Con and tried the GenCon board game library.  We found a copy of the Firefly board game.  We had a blast playing it although we didn’t finish. A review is coming next week.


Sunday I was scheduled to run more Witch Hunter, but we didn’t have players.  However, I was needed for Pathfinder Society.  My wife joined in, and we had a good time.  After, we tried the Carnival dice/card game from Dice Hate Me games.  We had fun, but needed two play throughs to really get the game play.  The Con ended with me saying good bye to all my friends at the Con the getting more King Gyro ( GOD HELP ME, I HAVE A PROBLEM!).


That was fun, now the high points.

Witch Hunter

I kickstarted the Witch Hunter RPG.  I like the company that ran the kickstarter, and I’m a kickstarter addict, so I gave them money.  I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.  Now, that I ‘ve played a bunch of games, I’m really glad I did.  I got to play in two and run two.  I’m really looking forward to playing some more of this game.  I want to know what else happens in the living game from these guys.


The End of LFR

LFR is why I went to DDXP/Winter Fantasy.  Long ago when I was but a graduate student, I went to a Con with NO IDEA WHATSOEVER to expect and in one day went from having played no LFR to going through the special and the battle interactive.  Losing LFR is sad, but I’m optimist of the future.  Also, the campaign staff did an awesome job according to all the people I spoke too.  It’s good to see an old friend get the send off it deserves.


Pathfinder Society

Not sure where these guys were.  It might have been the time as several local Cons were happening like Marmalade Dog in Kalamazoo, MI.  However, I got to run a game so that made me happy.  Some of the blame falls to guys like me who don’t check the Paizo or MichiganPFS forums enough.  I didn’t respond to their call for GMs so without the GMs no games can happen.  I like Pathfinder Society, and I hope they get more of a presence at this Con next year.  When your company doesn’t make time for me, it’s harder for me to feel like you care.


Mage Wars

If I have to play a competitive, collectable card game, this is my card game.  I haven’t been able to get as many games of this in as I want to.  The Mage Wars crew had some demo agents out in the field at Winter Fantasy.  I spent a long time talking to those guys, and that really fired me up to play some more.  Any time a head honcho from a game company makes an effort to come to a Con I’m at, it makes me want to buy whatever they are selling and tell my friends about it.  I can’t wait to get some games going in Jackson!


The GenCon Board Game Library

While I love RPG a lot, this place was my favorite part of this con.  I love the Game Library.  It’s like having an awesome friend who lets you try any game they have.  When my wife and I had some downtime, we would play some games.  I really need to donate some games or money to these guys because they do a lot of work for a labor of love.


Wizards of the Coast

WotC had a presence at this Con as Chris Tulach attended the Con.  I was able to talk to him for a few minutes, and I asked him about Wizards of the Coast and product production.  Like I said before, any time your company can send big wigs out to a Con and you’ll talk with me about whatever’s on my mind (this case was the size of WotC vs. Paizo and the use of freelancers vs. in house production for product design) you win major points in my book.  I’ve bought my copy of the next DnD encounters events, but now that I feel WotC cares more about what I care about, I feel more energized than ever to bring this game to the masses in Jackson.



So, Throat Punch Games started off as my little blog I did as a hobby a little over a year ago right around Winter Fantasy.  My way to destress and make my voice heard, because as we all know, people listen to whatever you have to say on the internet!  And, strange as it turns out, I have readers!  A few people approached me and asked if I was the writer of this blog!  I’m internet famous!  Thanks Readers!


And that was my Winter Fantasy.  I love this place.  I love these people. And I can’t wait till next year!  See you there.


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