Daily Punch 2-11-14 Lay on Hands in Witch Hunter

Witch Hunter is a hard game to heal in.  Thats not bad, but I think the game needs a bit more.  How about a healing prayer?


Lay on Hands

Mastery: 4

True Faith: 1

Time: Special

Duration: Instantaneously

Description:  This Rite channels the power of god directly into the target to mend their wounds.  When a character casts a spell, the time the spells takes is equal to one hour divided by their True Faith score.  At the end of the time, the caster makes a Prayer check with the difficulty equal to their damnation score.  If the caster succeeds, the target of the spell heals one wound with one additional wound for every success.

Boost: Increase the Mastery by 3 to heal one additional wound.

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