Daily Punch 2-17-14 Nightingale Drone for Shadowrun 5e

How about a drone for Shadowrun 5e?


Drone Handl Speed Accel BOD Armor Pilot Sensor Seats Avail Cost
Red Cross Nightingale 3 2 2 10 14 3 1 12R 30000 Y

Red Cross Nightingale:  Developed around the end of the Eurowars, the Nightingale was a joint effort be between the remains of the Red Cross and Saeder-Krupp.  The Nightingale was designed to serve as a battlefield medical drone specializing in preventing traumatic injury while being able to survive heavy bombardment.  The Nightingale has no weapon mounts, and may never have weapon mounts added to it due to strict limitations placed into the pilot program.  The drone is treated as having a dice pool of 12 for first aid tests and a 14 for first aid performed on an individual who is currently dying.



2 thoughts on “Daily Punch 2-17-14 Nightingale Drone for Shadowrun 5e

  1. A couple of thoughts and questions:

    How big is this drone and what pilot skill is used?

    It’s significantly tougher than the Steel Lynx, which is advertised as a “hardened combat machine” at Bod 6, Armor 12. Since this drone doesn’t exchange fire with opponents, it doesn’t seem like it would be one that does.

    Both in-game and out, what’s the reason for +2 for dying characters?

    It’s a potentially cool concept. Mil-spec gear is often not super useful for shadowrunners, despite how cool it is (who actually needs an APC?), but I could see circumstances where this could be advantageous over carrying a medkit. It also expands the rigger’s role, which has always been a bit of a struggle in SR.

    Thanks for the write up!

    1. I was originally anticipating that this would be a roto-drone so for driving it would be pilot (aerocraft). I thought this thing should be able to move across the battle field.

      As for the stats, I thought this would very hearty because it would be shelled on the battle field. Ill admit I may have the numbers a bit too high, but I wanted to have a starting place.

      For the healing dice pool, I thought the drone would be specialized in treating soldiers who were on death door, thus it would get a bonus to treating those who were almost dead. I also wanted to keep the pilot score low since the drone was not built to avoid attacks, but more withstand them (hence the armor and body scores). Also by keeping the pilot low, while keeping the skill for first aid high, it forces the drone to be more of a one trick pony out of the box.

      Those are my thoughts. Thanks for the comments. What I put to paper was just my first draft. Id any more advice you have!

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