Silver Screen Smackdown- Robocop (2014)


I saw Robocop this weekend; let’s give this the rundown…  I’ll try to keep this spoiler free.


Movie: Robocop

tl;dr– its “ok”, it’s about the level of Robocop 2. 60%



Plot: It’s the basic Robocop plot.  A cop is killed, his body is used for a robot, man vs. machine drama, man rights his own murder, conniving corporation backstabbing, and end gun battle.  It’s kind of cliché at this point.  What was changed from the original really didn’t need to be changed.  The original was very much in your face with MORE stuff in the side of your vision to build the world.  This one feels like tunnel vision.  I don’t get the world building from the original.  Lot’s happens, but little really goes on.  Also what little subtlety the original had is completely gone.  That run on sentence above is the plot.  You won’t remember much more than that.  This movie doesn’t really trust that you will feel what the director wanted you to feel, so it BEATS you upside the head with the message.  So the move has all the marks of “eh” SCI-FI.  Also, WHY WAS THIS PG-13!?  2/5


Acting: It’s not bad.  The main actor Joel Kinnaman does a pretty good job as someone over his head.  The rest of the cast does a pretty good job.  You know who you have to hate (almost a little too much) from the get go.  Again, it’s a little too heavy handed. 3/5


Visuals:  The movie is pretty awesome when it comes to the visuals.  The movie is a popcorn movie and it shows with lot’s of fun moving parts that wiz by and look cool.  If you just want to watch a stupid movie where lots of stuff goes boom, this is the movie. 4/4


Summary-This is not a good movie and it’s not bad.  It’s ok.  It’s way too heavy handed.  It doesn’t have the world building of the original.  The fun extra bits that used to be in the old version are not there.  The movie likes to call back to things from the original, but it’s kind of like watching a sad parody on the SyFy.  You know what it is you wanted to watch, but you don’t quite get it.  This is worth a rental, but then when that’s done, you can go ahead and move on with your day.  When your kids ask to watch Robocop, this won’t be the movie you show them.  Not bad, not good, just ok like Robocop 2.  60%

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