Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Dreams of the Red Wizards: Scourge of the Sword Coast

Product-Dreams of the Red Wizards: Scourge of the Sword Coast

Producer-Wizards of the Coast

Price-~$18 (PDF)

System-DnD Next

TL;DR– Not bad, but the worst of the three Sundering Modules. 80%

Basics-Time to go back to the Sword Coast.  Problems are brewing around Daggerford with goblin attacks, orc raids, and gnolls stalking the country side.  The heroes arrive outside of Daggerford as the Duke has barred all non-citizens from entering the town.  Can the heroes save the town and the people stuck outside from the horrors brewing in the Sword Coast?  A DnD Next adventure for character level two to level four.

Story: This module doesn’t seem to have as involved a story as the other two Sundering modules.  It kind of feels like a holding pattern as the players get to find some interesting information, but the players will have to wait till next module to use it.  You get to be a hero, but not completely the one you want to be. 4/5

Mechanics:  This module uses new DnD Next mechanics, so that is fun and give more insight into the progress of DnD Next as rule system.  I really missed the random encounter tables and other stuff that gave the last DnD encounters season it’s amazing flare though. 4.5/5

Execution:  This adventure come is in one source book, and I think that hurts the adventure.  The players will not see it, but as a GM I felt things were too cluttered with important information being mixed with bits of encounters.  I also miss the custom GM screen.  I know I would have to print one out, since this product is a PDF.  But, I missed those little extra bits.  The random encounters really made the world come alive in the last season.  I can do that as a GM, but now I need to do extra work!  Furthermore, I felt like the story needed a diagram to really help me to organize my thoughts regarding the plot.  I feel the story is a bit mixed up and won’t help all the GMs across the world coordinate their efforts well.  Also for $18, I felt like I didn’t get enough.  For $30 I got a printed option with the GM screen.  What I got was nice, legible, and a fun play experience, but this should have been much cheaper for a PDF product. 3.5/5

Summary:  I don’t hate this adventure.  I’ve been the roughest to this Sundering adventure path, but I don’t hate it.  This adventure has the unfortunate luck of coming out after the previous one, WHICH WAS AMAZING!  This one feel like it’s in a holding pattern for the next adventure.  These facts make all the flaws that much more visible.  I would have liked two books, a PDF of a printable GM screen, and some help keeping pace of the adventures, so all the encounters GMs can coordinate better.  However, this one isn’t bad, but I hope the next one lets the players get past level 4!  80%

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