Ring Side Report- Board Game Review of Oh Gnome You Don’t!

Product– Oh Gnome You Don’t!

Producer-Gut Bustin’ Games

Set-up/Play/Clean-up-90 Minutes


TL;DR– A simple, fun, roll-to-move game 87.5%


Basics– Time to beat the crap out of other gnomes for gems and profit!  Oh Gnome You Don’t is a simple roll to move based game with some additional decision making aspects.  Players take the roles of gnome as they move across the board trying to sell items at the most opportune times to earn gems.  Each turn a player rolls to move, can play one card, and finally draws one card.  Players can only move in one direction.  Cards are items, cards to attack other players, and cards that have beneficial effects like Oh Gnome You Don’t to prevent an attack.  Item cards have two prices.  The higher price is for a specific location on the board, while the lowers is a general sale location price.  When a player lands on another player, one person can fight the other.  Players have a deck of 10 cards each with an attack value.  Players select a card and play simultaneously.  The difference in the attack value is the number of gems the loser must pay the winner.  Play continues until all players cross the finish line with players who finish earlier gaining more gems.  Highest number of gems wins.


Mechanics-This is a roll to move game.  It’s not overly complex, but the cards and fight mechanics do add some fun.  Of the roll to move games I have played, this is one of the better ones.  This game does not rival some of the hard core Eurogames for complexity, but its goal is to be a simple, fun game.  And, it does that well. 4/5


Theme-The game has an interesting theme.  It’s not completely a gnome brawl, but it’s also not peaceful forest gnomes hugging either other either.  It’s fun, but I wouldn’t say I felt like I was a gnome while I played this. 4/5


Instructions-The instructions are well done.  They are much longer then you would suspect for a roll to move game, but that’s because of the additional mechanics in the game.  They are well but together though. 5/5


Execution/Art– The art is well done, but it does make some of the spaces difficult to spot.  It’s not game ending, but some spots are difficult to see if they are one spot or two.  The game is well done for the price with the gems being literal random shaped, plastic pieces.  This game could have easily just used cardboard tokens, but the plastic gems give this game a nice touch. 4.5/5


Summary-I liked this game.  It’s not a game that I would set aside just to play and make plans months in advance to play.  But, when the game day is winding down, and we want a simple game to play relatively quickly, this will hit the table.  It’s worth the price at $30 bucks. 87.5%

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