Ring Side Report- RPG review of Pathfinder Player Companion People of the Sands

Product: Pathfinder Player Companion People of the Sands

Producer: Paizo

System: Pathfinder

Price: $12



Basics: Come on down, hope a carpet and fly!  People of the Sands serves as a guide book to Osirion, Rahadoum, Thuvia, and deserts in general as well as being the Mommy’s Mask Players Guide.  The book starts with the ancient and no so ancient history of Osirion.  Then, it moves to the different types of people who live there.  The centerfold of this book is a beautiful, weathered player map of Osirion.  Next, the book discusses the three major desert modern day nations of Golarion.  The last section of the book transitions to more player focused offerings covering two new player prestige classes, new magic and normal items, and then the players guide for Mummy’s Mask.


Crunch or Mechanics: This book is full of mechanics.  It full of new feats, spells, items, and two prestige classes (one of which is open to any class).  While the book is mostly geared to alchemists, cavaliers, inquisitors, and sorcerers, it honestly has something for everybody.  I LOVE it when supplements do that! 5/5


Fluff or story:  Again, this is an amazing book.  This book is full of detail regarding history, people, and the societies of the desert.  It’s not only “just” the standard book of facts, it’s FULL of small details like sayings that different group use.  That might just be filler to some people, but it helps me learn a little bit more about the people and their society.  Heck, I’ve read a lot of Pathfinder books, and I learned new things from this book. 5/5


Execution:  This book follows the standard Pathfinder Player Companion line layout: start with who the book is for/ask you GM section, then the real information.  I love that and the rest of the layout.  It makes the books read well.  The test is broken up enough with headings and other thins often keeping the page from being just two columns/wall of text.  I liked the art as it’s the standard Pathfinder quality.  If you ignored the text and just looked at the book, this is an example of how to layout and design a good RPG supplement. 5/5


Summary: I really liked this book.  I felt it was worth my money.  The book has lots of background, but it didn’t skimp on the mechanics.  Honestly, the book felt like a 50/50 split between the fluff and crunch.  My only complaint isn’t the books fault.  I liked when the adventure path player guides were separate books.  That part almost felt tacked on as the book covered so many different topics.  However, even that section added more options for the players.  When I’m working out and the bike rings to tell me I’ve gone far enough, but I can’t put this book down so I keep going, you know you have a winner. 100%


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