Book Bout-Book review of Raising Steam

Book– Raising Steam

Author – Terry Pratchett

Price- $18

TL;DR– More of a world advancement then a story 90%

Basics– Hit the open rails!  Steam power comes the Discworld (Much to the joys of cosplayers everywhere!).  A new engineer invents the first steam powered locomotive and brings the invention to THE big city.  Here, he beings to change the world.  Moist von Lipwig is put in charge of coordination this new invention across the world.  However, trouble comes as the dwarves splinter as conservative factions fight the future tooth and nail!  Can Moist get the job done in time?

Setting– It’s Terry Pratchett and his Discworld!  Of course it’s well done, he’s had over a quarter of a century to make this thing perfect.  We’re done here. 5/5

Characters– This is another Pratchett trade mark-well done characters.  If anything this book suffers from having to put EVERY character in from all the different Discworld story arcs.  The book is less about characters or story and mostly about the setting as a whole progressing.  Characters do change over the course of the story, but it’s mostly the people you love doing what you love. 4.5/5

Story– The book isn’t mostly about the story.  Sure, you get a good Pratchett story, but not his best here.  I liked it, don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t say you come here for the story.  This book is about the world.  The world is changing.  The clacks forced some changes, but this book is about how the world really changes when steam pushes it along.  Every character gets a mention to show the reader that they are involved in some way, and sometimes that felt a little forced.  Nothing is bad here, but this isn’t my top Disckworld story. 4/5

Summary– I liked this one.  I didn’t love this one, and it’s not my favorite of his books.  Nothing is horrible in this, but I felt like the book was just a series of events that were related.  The book spans a lot of time as Moist runs around putting out fires as he goes.  That’s not bad.  But Pratchett has the lucky problem of having gone to the mountain top and even if he slips a little with one book, he’s till MILES above most of the other writers out there!  Give this one a chance; it’s a good book just not the one I’ll give to my friends first.  90%

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