Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Pathfinder Campaign Setting Pathfinder Society Field Guide

Product- Pathfinder Campaign Setting Pathfinder Society Field Guide

System- Pathfinder RPG

Producer- Paizo

Price- ~$20

TL;DR- Great intro to the society! 93%


Basics- Welcome Pathfinder!  This book is a large summary of the Pathfinder Society for the uninitiated.  This book is primarily written for those who play in Paizo’s living campaign Pathfinder Society (PFS).  The book starts with the standard stuff any PFS GM would need like day job rolls and how to spend prestige.  Then the book discusses Absalom in-depth describing the history and geography of the place.  After Absalom itself, the book introduces each of the factions in the Pathfinder Society giving each one new ways to spend prestige.  Next the book introduces the three main branches of the Pathfinders, Scrolls, Spells, and Swords, providing new character options in each.  The book ends with a long discussion of opponents of the society and items for Pathfinders to purchase to overcome this obstacles.


Story or Fluff- This book is full of Pathfinder fluff.  I picked this one up to learn more as a GM, but honestly, if you want a deep introduction to the society, this is the book you need to read.  Each faction and division of the society gets a detailed write up.  The book even goes in depth on tricks to handle problems Pathfinders may find on their missions.  This might have made the book drag on a bit, but for players who haven’t been in the system as long, this may save their lives!  4.5/5


Mechanics or Crunch- While this is primarily a setting book since its in the campaign setting line, this book does have lots of character options.  The prestige options alone are worth the price of admission!  The extra archetypes, feats, and items, all make this a worthwhile book for any serious Pathfinder player. 5/5


Execution- Paizo knows how to make a geat book.  While I felt the book was a bit long, it didn’t drag to read as the text had lots of brakes to keep my eyes from glazing over.  Well done art also breaks up the text well.  I thought it was a bit long, but honestly it’s not long in a terrible way as it keeps with the other books in the setting line. 4.5/5


Summary- This is a well done book.  It’s a bit long as one of the largest sections is a section most experienced players will skim over as they know how to make a character survive most of the horrors out there.  Based on the amount of story in this book alone, the average PFS player needs this book to know much more about the society and its background.  The new mechanics of how to spend prestige really help make that count more in your games.  I’m honestly more excited to play some PFS than I was before this book, so that makes this book awesome in my opinion! 93%


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