Silver Screen Smackdown- Movie Review of Muppets Most Wanted

Movie– Muppets Most Wanted


tl;dr– Good, but loses to the original 93%


Basics-It’s the sequel to The Muppets from a year ago.  That says it all.  Welcome back to zany family friendly fun.  In this movie, the Muppets just finished their last movie and don’t know what to do next, but since the cameras are still following them it must be a sequel so they start a song and dance number talking about how sequels are never as good.  They decide to take the act on the road for a world tour.  But a slick manager who is a world second best thief uses them as a cover for his goal of stealing the English Crown Jewels.  Along the way, Kermit is mistaken for the world’s best thief and sent to a Russian Gulag.  Can the Muppets save Kermit, stop the thieves, AND not get thrown in jail?


Plot-Look, it’s a kids movie.  It’s well done and funny for all ages, but you’re not going to this thing for “The King’s Speech.”  That said, I enjoyed the hell out of this thing.  Lots of things made absolutely no sense, and that’s the way it should be.  It’s a fun ride that gets the Muppets some new places. But, like the song says “not as good as the original.” 4/5


Acting- It’s the Muppets you’ve been missing.  All the characters are spot on, but its hard as most of the characters don’t get much screen time since the Muppets has such a large cast.  Also, as the opening song says, sequels have lots of cameos.  And this one is full of TONS!  You will spend most of the movie either laughing or trying to figure out who that minor character is.  Odds are he’s/she’s a major well know actor. 5/5


Visuals- It’s the Muppets, get used to lots of waist up shots.  Also, get used to lots of sight gags.  Honestly, this is spot on for what the Muppets should be. 5/5


Summary- This is a damn good movie.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Its major competition is the original Muppets movie.  And to that one it loses, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie.  It’s good, just not as good. 93%


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