Daily Punch 4-8-14 Shou Traveling Cook Background for DnD Next

I just went to a Hibachi restaurant with my wife, and it inspired me to come up with a background for a DnD Next character.


Shou Traveling Cook

You are a cook, but not just any cook.  You have learned an art the combines performance, grace, cutlery, and cooking.  You move your blades in quick arcs and make food dance on your grill.  You have traveled the world showing off your art and it has funded your adventures.

Trait- Performance for Pay

When you stop in any notable location with people or sentient creatures that are at least indifferent to you, you may attempt to make a living in this location.  Make a performance check with disadvantage.  You gain as many copper pieces as your performance check.  Your DM has discretion regarding your ability to repeat this performance, and different patrons may pay different amounts for your skills.



Skills: Acrobatics, Performance, Nature

Tools: Grill, Mounts(Land)






Dagger X 3, cooking oil x 3, Adventurer’s kit, Clothes(traveler’s), spice pouch, fishing tackle, Lantern, travel grill, 20 gp, 30 silver, 20 copper.


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