Ring Side Report- RPG Review of “Injecting the Weird”

Product- Injecting the Weird

Producer- Monte Cook games

Price- ~$5 at drivethroughrpg.com

System- Numenera

TL;DR-  A Good product to make things fit into the ninth world. 90%


Basics-  Let’s get weird!  Injecting the weird is a source book for Numenera that focuses on adding strangeness to your Numenera game.  The book discusses what weird fiction is and how to add it to your game.  Then the book has lots of tables to give some different weird aspects to locations, the wild, or the people you meet in the ninth world.  The book even has some character options in its last few pages.


Story or Fluff-  For a book that is mostly tables, this is a pretty fluff heavy book.  The purpose of all the tables is to give more randomness and weirdness to your games.  And at that it succeeds.  The one line of strangeness in the tables really does give an impressive amount of options for what could be happening in your world.  I was surprised that this book had character options too.  5/5


Mechanics or Crunch- For a book that is full of tables, this isn’t a mechanics heavy book.  Since the purpose of this book is setting building, mechanics take a back seat to the theme.  There are sidebars for items which honestly surprised.  The character options also provide some new mechanics too.  But, going in to this, don’t expect some new way to play the game.  4/5


Execution- I liked the layout and art as they enforced the ideas of weird and make it a pleasure to read.  The price is ~ok.  I think it’s a bit high, but it’s in line with most other current RPG products.  Heck, there isn’t even the standard practice of the glimmers of reusing one piece of art a bunch.  This one is full of smaller art pictures.  One thing I did notice is a strange gap in one of the pages, but other than that, I liked the physical aspects of this product. 4.5/5


Summary- This is a good product.  It’s not one that every player needs, but having one of these around the table will make the game that much better.  I think helping GMs inject a bit more weird into their games will make things that much more numenera.  And, that will make the games that much better. 90%


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