Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Champions of Balance

Product– Pathfinder Player Companion- Champions of Balance


Price– $20 or $13 for PDR

System– Pathfinder

TL;DR– Slight story concerns, but awesome character options.93%


Basics– Time for the epic battle of good vs. neutral!  Champions of Balance covers the hows and whys of neutral characters.  The first section covers the types of neutral characters (LN, N, and CN).  Next the book discusses neutral countries and organizations.  From here, the book introduces new character options from new subdomains, ninja tricks, feats, spells, orders, archetypes, magic items, and a prestige class.


Fluff or Theme– I liked and didn’t like this one.  The story and backgrounds of neutral characters is well written, but it didn’t hook me.  I didn’t hate reading it, but neutral characters have an uphill battle for getting me as a motivation.  What I saw was well done, but it just isn’t what I want in a character.  And I think many other readers will have the same problem. 4/5


Crunch or Mechanics– This was really well done!  There is an amazing amount of stuff in this book.  Almost all the classes get a bit of stuff even more than most of the player companion line.  Even if you don’t care about neutral characters, this one is worth a look for the plethora of options alone.  5/5


Execution– This one is as well done as any of the other player option book.  Lots of art and well done layouts make this a pleasure to read.  Well done. 5/5


Summary– This book might not have hooked me on story, but everything else is amazing.  If you play or want to play a neutral character, then you need this to make a well done and flesh out character.  Even if you want some character option, this is an excellent book. 93%


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