Daily Punch 4-18-14 Elbow Bash Feat for DnD Next

I’ve watch  a lot of two handed warriors do a lot of damage when it come to DnD Next, but I think the one weapon fighters need a bit of love too…. How about a feat


Secondary Bash

Benefit:  Gain the following:

  • Gain a +1 to strength to a maximum of 20
  • Gain a second attack as if using two weapons.  This attack is made with either a second part of the weapon or a shield.  The attack does 1d4 + STR damage if using a two handed weapon or 1d6 + str damage if using a weapon and a shield and you are considered proficient with the weapon for the attack.  Add your primary weapons enhancement to the weapon damage.  Do not add any additional weapon qualities to the attack or damage.




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