Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Undead Slayers Handbook

Product– Pathfinder Player Companion-Undead Slayer’s Handbook


Price-$13(PDF), $20 print


TL;DR-Great introduction and options for fighting undead. 97%


Basics– Time to fight the things that go bump in the night!  Undead Slayer’s Handbook gives a general overview of how to fight undead from the simple zombie to the most complex, scheming lich.  The book starts with different groups that slay undead and how they may help you.  After that, the book focus on fighting different kinds of undead giving feat, spells, items, traits, and class abilities that focus on killing each kind of horror.  Moving from the kinds of undead to kill, the book shifts to what kinds of people kill undead giving new class options and feats.  The book finishes in classic Pathfinder Player Companion style offering more spells, items, and a prestige class called the Soul Warden.


Mechanics or Crunch– The book provides lots of new options for those focusing on undead.  These all look well balanced as you get a large bang for your buck if you fight undead, but won’t really help you against the standard goblin.  My only complaint is the alchemical items.  The book provides several, varied alchemical items to fight undead, but these seem underpowered or far too expensive to use.  There are items that do significant damage, but you have to pay too much for them to the practical.  There are cheap items that are not that useful. 4.5/5


Story or Fluff– This book is full of story.  Lots of new traits provide stories on the background of an adventurer.  Also, each section gets almost a full page providing story and background for each monster or monster hunter.  It’s simply well done! 5/5


Execution-This is Paizo, so the layout is well done.  The art is great, but, it might be a bit more than some people can handle.  Since, undead tend to be pretty gory.  The centerfold is a beautiful haunted house that describes how to fight a haunt, while the front cover provides details on how to fight each type of undead.  In addition, the back cover gives information on how undead are viewed in different towns.  This book is a pleasure to read and look through. 5/5


Summary- Again, another solid effort by Paizo.  Undead are my favorite creatures to fight or throw at my players.  This book gives a solid introduction on how to fight the monsters to a new player, and to the older players out there, it provides enough new options to make it useful. 97%


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