Daily Punch 5-16-14 Snatch Spell feat for Pathfinder

My wife plays a half-orc monk Toof, and, Toof took a beating from scorching rays.  After a day she says she wished she could snatch those rays like arrows. There’s an idea….



Snatch Spell

You grasp spells like arrows from the air

PrerequisitesDeflect arrows, Snatch Arrow, Qinggong Monk Archetype

Benefit: Once per round when you are targeted by a ranged or melee touch spell or spell-like ability, you make a dexterity saving throw equal to 10+1/2CR of the creature casting the spell or spell-like ability if the effect does not have a saving throw or save against the effect as normal if there is a saving throw.  If you succeed, the spell has no effect and  you gain a ki point instead.  If you are targeted by additional spells in a round, those spells effect you as normal.  If you fail against the saving throw, you are effected as normal, but you may use this feats against new effects this round.  Spells with multiple attacks such as scorching ray count as different effects.




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