Silver Screen Smackdown- Movie Review of X-men: Days of Future Past

Movie– X-Men: Days of Future Past

TL; DR– A good reboot, but a reboot 90%


Basics– The world of tomorrow is destroyed due to man’s eternal quest to stomp out mutants.  In the future, sentinels, robots designed to hunt mutants, are completely hunting man to extinction.  The few remaining X-Men band together to send Wolverine back in time to the 1970’s to stop the sentinels before they begin.  Can Wolverine save us all?


Story– The story is ok.  It’s even good.  But, as a comic/movie nerd, I could see the writing on the wall-this is a franchise reboot.  Why do the Spider-Man thing and cast new actors, rehash the same origin, and piss off a bunch of geeks, when you can just do a Back to the Future style reboot and BAMB money!  Honestly it works well, but it’s hard to get past that it’s there to just make more movies.  Don’t care about that?  Then, you will completely enjoy this movie.  Aside from the “reboot movie” feel, there are only a few story elements that didn’t make any sense like leaving Quicksilver back in America instead of him joining the X-Men. 4/5


Actors– There are almost NO new major actors in this one.  A few in the past and future, but all the big names we know, and love, are back.  That a good thing.  I liked the continuity that that brings.  Fox has their stuff together keeping these people in the roles there were meant to play.  Heck even in some minor, unimportant roles, you have big name actors coming back just for what is almost a cameo!  There are only a few moments where characters are “off” like Magneto trying to kill another mutant that disrupt the flow of the movie. Not bad at all! 4.5/5


Cinematography– It feel like the future when it needs to be the future, and, it feels like the past when it needs to be the past.  That is well done.  Also, this movie uses a few of the older movies scenes to great effect.  If you know what’s going on, you will love it.  If not, it shows that the characters are distracted by memories.  Most likely you’ve seen all the Fox X-Men movies, so, you know what’s going on.  Nothing bad here at all. 5/5


Summary– I didn’t hate this.  I actually kind of liked it.  This is honestly the best way I’ve seen to reboot a franchise.  BUT, it’s a reboot of a franchise.  That is hard to put out of mind.  But, the actors, story, and look of the movie do present a great movie that you will enjoy.  I might not like a reboot, but, based on this movie, I will enjoy the new movies that follow this one. 90%

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