Silver Screen Smackdown- Edge of Tomorrow


Movie– Edge of Tomorrow

TL; DR– Tom Cruise and the Konami code! 93%



Basics– Tom Cruise plays a sleazy military recruiter who through his own fault is thrown into the worst military blunder in history.  While there, he accidently eats a piece of a time traveling alien, gaining the power to reverse time when he dies.  He embarks on a quest to become the hero and save the human race one continue at a time.


Story– This is an excellent single serving Sci-Fi movie.  In a few short minutes, you learn the problems of the world, see how the world works, and jump right in the action.  I loved that.  Rapid pace made the fact that many scenes were direct repeats of one another very awesome and fun to watch.  I watched the same day over 3000 times and didn’t get tired of it!  Ending is a bit too much Deus ex machina for the heroes, but it will do. 5/5


Actors– I really liked all the major players in this one.  Cruise does an excellent asshole who learns to be a hero.  The Emily Blunt, the female lead, does a good job too, but she’s a bit too much of a tough as nails bitch through most of the movie.  The secondary characters all don’t get enough time to really develop themselves, and that truly is a shame!  Those guys are almost as interesting as the main characters! 4/5


Cinematography– I loved this, hands down.  Things look cool and fresh even after the 300th time through the world.  I loved everything I saw.  Robot suits and aliens are an awesome mix in big budget well done movies! 5/5


Summary– It’s not perfect, but it’s fun.  It’s great single serving Sci-Fi that tells a great story with great actors.  I DON’T want a sequel as this movie told all the story it needs too.  I felt this was an excellent meal from the salad course opening to the desert course.  Well worth your time to see this movie! 93%

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