Silver Screen Smackdown- Movie Review of Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

Movie- Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

TL;DR- BOOM! 73%


Basics- The transformers are back.  The Autobots are in hiding as the US government and CIA are now hunting down all transformers.  Alongside the government, the US and CIA are working with a transformer bounty hunter who is hunting Optimus Prime.  Can the Autobots save the day and Optimus?


Plot- A major complaint against the last few Transformer movies was that there was no plot.  Well this movie made up for all of that in one fell swoop!  This movie has WAY too many plots.  The movie itself stretches for over two hours.  And, the plots of those two plus hours are kind of convoluted and all over the place to boot.  The story itself isn’t that great.  There are a lot of problems here. 2/5


Acting-The acting in this one isn’t bad.  The characters are pretty consistent and somewhat believable.  Optimus has some major character swing, but the movie is mostly about his growth as a character.  The humans are there, but I didn’t go to a movie about giant robots fighting to care about humans. 4/5


Cinematography-The movie looks awesome.  This is a quintessential popcorn movie.  This movie is filled with lots of well executed violence and destruction that makes for an entertaining half of the running time.  When stuff is blowing up you will be entertained.  When characters are talking, it’s pretty boring, but at least it will look nice. 5/5


Summary-This is a popcorn movie. If you want to watch some crap blow up, it’s worth your time.  The movie is kind of a plot mess, but Bay knows how to blow some crap up! If you love transformers, then you will love this.  If you like good movies, then not so much. 73%

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