Daily Punch 7-7-14 Secret Slave Monster for DCC RPG

I’ve been playing lots of DCC RPG lately, here is a monster I want to drop on my low level players



Secret Slave

Init + 0  Atk claws/bite +3 melee (1d12, thirst for success Fort DC14); AC 15 HD 3d8+3; MV 30′; Act 1d20; SP Charm Person spell (Spell check +6), transform to and from monstrous self; SV Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +4; AL N

The secret slave is a monster that hates its own existence, but must survive by eating the most promising of a generation or else face it’s own destruction.  The secret slave sneaks into pits of captives or other slaves and hides among the rabble looking like the other slaves in the pit.  If discovered by the captors, the secret slave will used its eyes to cast Charm Person to prevent it’s own discovery.  The Secret Slave seeks either cruelty or kindness depending on its own preference.  When rescued the Secret Slave will hide amount the other freed men and women and attempt to make friends with one of the saviors, either the kindest, meanest, or the smartest of the group.  The Secret Slave will either lure the chosen victim away from the others via its Charm Person spell or wait till the victim is in a battle and pounce at an in opportune moment.  When it does, it changes from the slave visage to a human-like body with elongated bone claws for hands and a face that splits longer along the mouth and opening vertically along the face to form a four-sided, gaping mouth.  If the victim survives a bite, he or she may contact the thirst for success disease and become a Secret Slave, hungering for the flesh of other heroes in a month.  This disease can be removed by a cleric, but is a 3 dice condition for the lay on hands check.  The victim must be cured before the next new moon or become a Secret Slave.




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