Blurbs from the Booth- All good things….

It’s been a hell of few weeks full of a great many endings.  I just started a new job/ended an old one, I finished the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, my friends and I finished the Skull and Shackles Adventure Path, and my online play by forum just finished.  I’ve really enjoyed all those things, so I’m kind of sad to see them go.  Let’s go through these changes (I’ll leave out the job, but it’s part of the changes in my life).

My wife and I have been playing through the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game together.  I played the paladin, and she played the druid.  Those two were a dream team as we only timed out of one encounter the whole way through the card game.  It was a blast, and I’ve reviewed them at  It’s sad to see it go, but I hope to see things improve.  The mechanics were great, but some tweaks would really help.  I would like a bit more variability between the scenarios and a lot more theme.  The game had some decent variety, but overall, the game was light with regard the story.  When I started listening to the audio dramas, I was able to really put the parts of the scenarios together.  Sad to see the game go, but I’m looking forward to the sequel- Skull and Shackles!

Speaking of, the next thing that just ended was the Skull and Shackles adventure path.  We’ve been playing this for at least two years, every other week.  We had a great group, but had out share of problems: power-gaming, high level play, absences, player interactions, and the general stress that comes from a long campaign.  We had a blast, but some parts of the story stood out like being pirates on the high seas.  Some parts were boring such as the fetch quests that happened in the third adventure.  It was a fun, and I did learn a few things especially about being a DM and Pathfinder in general.  I’m glad I had some great friends to play this path so I could learn and grow as a DM.

The last gaming thing that ended in my life recently was my first play by post game.  I had always wanted to play via a forum.  It was a blast!  I played in a All Flesh Must be Eaten game at  At the start of this year, the Play by Post community organized a giant push to start a bunch of play by post games.  I got to learn the ropes from a bunch of great guys and gals.  Now, I might not have been the best player out there but I did get to learn at the feet of some greats.  It wasn’t the semi-fast pace of a table top RPG game, but I did have fun going to come check my account and see who else posted while I was out.  It was a bit different getting used to having to remember what happened across months instead of minutes!  Because of this, I now run my own play by post game at  I’m going to keep playing play by post from now on.

It’s sad to see things go.  I loved being part of the play by post group, hanging out with my wife, and playing pirates with my friends.  But, I have two things from those times:  memories and experience.  I have all the great times I spent with my friends, and I’ve grown as a player and as a DM. While I might be sad that some things have gone, I’m excited about what happens next!


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